The Annapolis Middle School Library Program exists to ensure that all students and staff are effective users of technology and information by providing access to information resources and literature, and by teaching 21st century skills that will empower them to create positive, global change.


The Annapolis Middle School Library Program envisions a community of globally conscious, tech-savvy, independent readers and learners with equitable access to technology, resources, and instruction in a vibrant, flexible space.



The Annapolis Middle School Library Program is at the heart of teaching and learning at AMS.  We provide a place where students can ask questions, learn, create, relax, read, play games, and grow.  Central to our philosophy is the belief that the library belongs to our students and community, so we work hard to be flexible and to respond to the needs of our patrons.

On a typical day, the library opens up early to check out iPads and Chromebooks to teachers who are using technology in their classrooms.  Around the time students enter the building, our student volunteers start to trickle in.  Soon after, they’re followed by students from caring communities throughout the building, coming to work on assignments or find a new book to read.

Most days we have at least a few (and sometimes as many as 12!) classes in the library.  Ms. Buck works with teachers to design research instruction in the context of their assignments, and often we co-teach.  Other days are reserved for book  checkout, when students come with Language & Literature classes to browse and get expert reading recommendations.  After school, the library stays open when activity buses are running so that students can work on assignments or relax in the cozy corner.

Our physical space is host to over 12,000 books and 30 magazine subscriptions.  The library is also a virtual space, with this website as its hub.  We have a growing collection of ebooks and audiobooks, as well as a number of online database subscriptions, all of which can be accessed through MackinVIA with a single login.  Visit the Collections page to learn more.

The library program also supports teachers by providing some consistency in the approach to research throughout the school.  Students learn about search skills, using different kinds of resources, and gathering and synthesizing information.  Because students use the same tools and resources in every class, they are able to focus on the learning rather than the mechanics.  To that end, we use the latest online tools to explore, organize, and create.  You can learn more about our approach in the research section of this site.

Students and adult volunteers play an enormously important role in the running of the library.  You can head over to our Get Involved page to find out more about volunteering!  We know what a huge asset a quality school library program can be to a school, and we endeavor to make sure our students get every ounce of that benefit.  It’s a team effort, and we are proud and grateful to be part of a community as wonderful as Annapolis Middle School.

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