Library Staff

BuckWildThingLibrarian:  Ms. Margaret Buck, MLS

Ms. Buck grew up in Cape St. Claire right behind Broadneck High School with her parents, one brother, and several pets.  She’s always been an avid reader, and often got in trouble with her parents for reading at the dinner table or under the covers after she was supposed to be asleep.  She attended the College of Wooster in Ohio, receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in English in 2003.  She has worked as a picture framer, an Americorps*VISTA volunteer with mentoring programs for at-risk youth, a secretary, a historical reenactor, a camp counselor, and a bookstore manager.  It was this last that inspired her to enroll in the University of Maryland’s iSchool, where she completed her Master of Library Science degree and teaching certification in 2011.  Soon after, she was hired at AMS to be the new librarian there.  It is her dream job and she is about as happy as it’s healthy for a person to be.  In her spare time, Ms. Buck leads workshops and gives presentations for other educators about the awesome power of school libraries.  She enjoys reading, hiking, reading, biking, live music, reading, and cooking.  And reading.  Her favorite genres are historical fiction, mystery, science fiction, and fantasy/adventure, but sometimes she likes to read about cognitive science, information science, history, social science, and education, too.

Library Assistant:  Ms. Carol Pfeiffer

Ms. Pfeiffer was born and raised in Idaho, which is significant because her background is probably different from most people’s out here.  Her father was actually an Idaho potato farmer, so she grew up driving trucks and working in fields from dawn ‘til dark on a 4000 acre farm.  Education was important in her family, so she went to college and received a B. S. from Brigham Young University.

Since graduation she has continued to take college classes just for the fun of it.  For example, she has taken business courses such as economics and accounting and has studied Spanish.  She is  internationally certified to teach English as a Foreign Language and has taught ESL at a junior college.  She believes that reading is a precious skill because if you know how to read you can learn anything you desire, become anything you want to be, and do any craft or activity that you want to accomplish!  Maybe someday she will go to China or Korea and teach English.  Wouldn’t that be fun!

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