Thanks for a great book fair! and some updates.

It’s been a couple of weeks since the end of the book fair, so we have our sales numbers. In spite of a delay in delivery of the fair, we sold almost as many books as last fall. This means we’ve got funds for some new furniture to replace worn-out bean bags and gamer chairs, and to buy some awesome new books! More importantly, it means great new books are in the hands of our students. I’ve been hearing about some of what you’re reading on Edmodo, but feel free to share in the comments here too!

Thanks so much to all the parents and students who volunteered. We keep the library open during the book fair, and that means there is a lot going on. We really couldn’t do it without everyone’s help! Special thanks to Amy, Niajay, Caron, Emma, Paris, Cece, and Mrs. Haynes’ 5th and 6th period students, who stepped in and helped with setup when we got thrown off schedule. We’re also grateful to our wonderful PTSA for all the help promoting and recruiting volunteers for the fair!

I’m also very excited to announce two things. First off, our school Makerspace (what’s that?) is now open and operating. It’s been so much fun to see students experimenting with the moldable plastic, Little Bits, and 3d printing pen! Students can use the Makerspace for school-related or independent projects. We’ve got craft supplies of all kinds – paper, fabric, yarn, cardboard, and duct tape as well as more high-tech stuff like Arduino and Raspberry Pi computers for our budding coders, filming and recording equipment, and lots more cool stuff. Another big thank you to Hadlee, who’s been the driving force behind getting things going!

Finally, you’re going to start hearing from some people other than me on this blog. We have some very talented writers who are going to be volunteering as student bloggers during the rest of the school year. Stay tuned to see what they have to say!