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Our program benefits every day from the generosity and can-do spirit of our students, teachers, and community.  If you’ve clicked on this tab, thanks for your interest in helping out!  Below are some different options.

Parents & Community

Parent volunteers are welcome at any time; we keep a running list of volunteer tasks and we can always put a pair of willing hands and a creative mind to work.  Volunteers help out with:

  • Library stuff – shelving books, organizing, adding materials to the collection, and assisting with displays, contests, events, or brilliant ideas they generate!
  • Homework and assignment help – parents volunteer to tutor or provide homework help during Caring Community and after school.
  • Maker Space – If you’ve got craft or techie skills, consider helping out in our Maker Space!
  • Book fairs – We hold two book fairs each year, in October and March.  Parents can help with merchandising and sales.  Your help keeps the library open and able to provide its regular services during the book fair!

If any of that sounds like a thing you’d like to do, please email for more information.


It would be impossible to make too big a deal about how important our student volunteers are to the library program.  Seriously, they do more work than the paid staff.  Students who want to volunteer need to apply and provide the names of two adults as references.  Application essays can take the form of a written paper, a video, or an in-person interview.  Students who are accepted help out with:

  • Shelving
  • Book checkout & check-in
  • Contests
  • Displays
  • Ordering books
  • Creating book lists
  • Blogging
  • Maker Space projects
  • …. and much more!

To apply, download the application form:  AMS Student Volunteer Application


We are not able to accept financial donations, but there are some other ways you can help out:

  • Amazon Wish List – You can purchase books & supplies from the wish list and have them sent to the school!  The list is updated regularly, and it works like a registry, so purchased items will automatically disappear.  This list is typically comprised of items that fall into one of the following categories:
    • Things we want but can’t purchase until next year
    • Things we want more of but can’t afford (for instance, popular titles that are always checked out)
    • Things we can always use, like toner
  • Books – We DO accept donations of new and gently used books.  We cannot guarantee that they will end up in our library, but we do promise to donate them to someone else who needs them if they aren’t kept.
  • Book fairs – During book fairs, teachers create wish lists for their classroom libraries.  You can choose from those lists to purchase materials for your child’s teacher(s), or donate a sum to cover purchases for our Free Book Fridays, where books are given away through a drawing during each school lunch.
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