Cultural Dance


Online Databases

Search the databases using keywords, not complete sentences or questions. The best search term or keyword to start with is the name of the dance you want to research. You can also use words like the name of a country or culture, or the names of famous performers or choreographers. Combine keywords to narrow down long lists of results. Try using different or fewer keywords to get more results.

  • Britannica School: Reading level – easy to advanced; choose from elementary, middle, or high school level, but keep in mind that there are more topics at higher levels. Find articles, pictures, some videos, and links to credible websites
  • Britannica Academic Edition: Reading level – advanced; find articles, pictures, some videos
  • Gale World History in Context: Reading level – medium to advanced; find articles, information from newspapers and magazines, pictures, videos, and audio.
  • CultureGrams: Reading level – easy to medium; find short articles about a country’s culture which may include information about traditional dances. There are some music samples and photos as well.


You can get to all our online databases from home using MackinVIA.  You only have to log in once, so it’s much easier to use them at home than it has been in the past.  Here’s how:

  • Go to or download the MackinVIA app.
  • Type (or copy & paste) Annapolis Middle School.  You should see a menu with our school’s name and address.  Click to choose Annapolis Middle School.
  • Log in using your:
    • ID: Student ID
    • PW: the last 4 digits of your Student ID
  • Click on “Databases” on the left.
  • For help using MackinVIA, go here.
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