Endangered Species of the Middle East

Getting Started

  • Open EasyBib and login now.  If you set up your bibliography first, you can add the awesome sources you find as soon as you decide they’re going to be helpful.  This means you won’t waste time later going back to try to find sites you used!
  • Remember to use key words effectively!
    • More words = fewer results, and fewer words = more results.
    • Try synonyms.  Remember, your species has a common name – or maybe more than one – and a scientific name.  You may need to search for both!
  • Questions about your bibliography or research?  You can reach Ms. Buck through the 7th grade library Edmodo group.


  • Gale Science in Context – This database has articles about species characteristics (size, color, etc.), biology, habitat, endangered status, and conservation efforts.  You can also find the latest news articles about your species so you have the most up-to-date information!
  • Grolier Amazing Animals – You can use the search bar at the top to find information about your animal.  There are a couple of species that aren’t listed in this database, so if you don’t find your species, move on!


  • ARKive – This site gives information about habitats, biology, endangered status, threats, and conservation for each species.  There are also great pictures!  You will notice that each species article is followed by a bibliography with links to other resources.  This is a GREAT way to extend your research (it also shows that this is a credible source), so go check those links out!
  • Earth’s Endangered Species – This is another great site that gives basic information about all the species on your list.  Write down the other possible names for your species – those will help you find it on other websites!

Searching the Web

You can use the links below to find other information online.  Remember to evaluate your sources!  If you’re not sure about a source, use the Website Evaluator.

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