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Getting Started


  • Use EasyBib to keep track of information sources like books or websites.
  • You should have paper directions for logging in or registering for EasyBib.  When you are logged in, you will see the AMS dragon on the EasyBib website.
  • Log in before you start searching.  Keep EasyBib open in a separate tab so you can easily record sources as you go.
  • Need help?  Try EasyBib’s video tutorials.  For citing sources, go here.  For more information, go here.


You can get to all our online databases from home using MackinVIA.  You only have to log in once, so it’s much easier to use them at home than it has been in the past.  Here’s how:

  • Go to or download the MackinVIA app.
  • Type (or copy & paste) Annapolis Middle School.  You should see a menu with our school’s name and address.  Click to choose Annapolis Middle School.
  • Log in using your:
    • ID: Student ID
    • PW: the last 4 digits of your Student ID
  • For help using MackinVIA, go here.

Need more help?

You can contact Ms. Buck through the library Edmodo group for your grade.  If you were a member last year, it’s the same group as last year!  If not, follow the links below to request membership.  I will check at least once a day!


School Bus Overcrowding



School Start Times

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