Technology Careers

The sites below will help you research careers in the area of each core technology. You will need to make some inferences in order to find careers that relate to a technology, because the sites do not necessarily categorize them the way your class does! You can keep track of your sources using EasyBib.

  • My Next Move – Research careers. Information includes median salary, education required, skills & interests, and links to real job postings.
  • Career OneStop – Research careers, including salaries, education, projected future salaries, and skills needed. This site has some great links for further exploration of each career.
  • PayScale – Research salaries for a particular profession based on geographic location, gender, experience level, and education.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics  – This is the US federal government’s website that gives information about careers for students. Get detailed information on all aspects of the job, including education, skills, training, salary, and opportunities.
  • Big Future – Learn about different degrees and what careers they prepare you for. This will help you with the section in your notes that asks about what other jobs your training might prepare you for, should you pursue the career.
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