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Search for books, ebooks, and audiobooks from anywhere with an Internet connection.  You can now submit book hold requests online!  Books are still among our most reliable, and easiest-to-use, resources.  And there is no better place to begin researching a new topic than an encyclopedia.

MackinVIA or download the MackinVIA app

Access most of our AACPS online databases through a single login, based on the student ID.  Also our platform for ebooks & audiobooks.

  • ID: Student ID or Employee ID (6 digits; employees use the last 6 digits of your Employee ID)
  • PW: Last 4 digits of Student ID or Employee ID

Database logins and passwords are also available in the library on a convenient bookmark, or on the library Blackboard page (login required).

MackinVIA how-to resources:


EasyBib; book citation app and Chrome extension also available (under Products tab on website)

We use EasyBib to create and save bibliographies (some people call them references or works cited pages) when researching.  EasyBib makes creating citations, well, easy for students and allows them to keep track of sources while they are researching.  Some best practices:

  • Start bibliographies before you start research
  • Keep EasyBib open when browsing websites or databases
  • Use the Copy & Paste link (in the database tab, this is below the drop-down menu of types of sources) when citing database sources to bypass the complicated form
  • Try using EasyBib’s Notebook and outline builder!  This is very intuitive for some students, while others may be more comfortable using pencil and paper.

EasyBib how-to resources:

Online Databases

If you’re not sure what these are or why you should care, read What is a database and why should I care?

Now that we’ve established that online databases are your most current, reliable, and credible online resources, here’s the link to the AMS library database page.  If you’re accessing the databases remotely (like, not in a school building), you will need the passwords.  AMS students and staff can log in through MackinVIA, though, and that’s a big help.

Here’s a list of our databases and some things to know about each one:  2015-16 online database features



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