Using the Library

Getting to the library

Hours: Daily 7:55 – 3:05

  • Students may visit the Library during the school day with a pass from their teacher.
  • Teachers may send up to 5 students at a time from their classrooms.
  • Students may elect to visit the Library during these times:
    • Caring Community: The Library is open during Caring Community daily. Up to two students from each Caring Community may visit with a pass from their teacher.
    • Advisory: The Library is open to up to two students from each Caring Community during Advisory on Monday and Friday. Students should bring a pass that indicates they may stay for advisory if they arrive during Caring Community.
    • Lunch: The Library is open during lunches every day.  We give out 5 passes per day for each grade level, so come to the library and get yours early if you know you need to visit!
    • After School
      • Tuesday – Open until 4:05 when activity buses are running.
        • Students must arrange to stay after school with a teacher and may not just plan to stay in the library.
        • Teachers may give a maximum of 2 students staying after school with them passes to work in the library.
        • If more than 2 students will need to use the library after school for a particular project, teachers, please contact Ms. Buck and we will make arrangements.
      • Thursday – Closed

In-House Services

Book checkout

  • Students may check out up to four (4) books or magazines at a time.
  • Students with overdue books may continue to check out additional materials until they have reached the four-book limit. However, we do ask that materials be returned as soon as possible and that students deal promptly with obligations for lost items. To learn how, download the Lost Book Options flyer.
  • Students with no overdue items may check out more than four books if they can provide a reasonable explanation of their need to do so (i.e. long car trip, need for a project).
  • Students can check out up to four eBooks or audiobooks in addition to any print materials.
  • Checkout period:
Books 3 weeks
Magazines 1 week
Reference books 1 day
ebooks 3 weeks
Downloadable audiobooks 3 weeks

Computer use

  • Students may use the computers for schoolwork or independent research.  Because we have only 16 computers for student use, they may be unavailable to students who visit while a class is using the library.
  • Students are expected to follow AACPS guidelines for computer use.


  • The Makerspace is open during advisory and after school. It is a craft area with supplies for students to use in developing their own creative projects, whether for personal interest or for class. We currently have:
  • Students must submit a project plan in order to be allowed to work in the Makerspace.
  • Students must arrange a time when one of the library staff can be in the Makerspace to supervise.

Online Services

  • OPAC – the online public access catalog is available anywhere with an internet connection so that you can search for books, ebooks, and audiobooks.  You can submit hold requests through this website!
  • MackinVIA – your one-stop shop for online databases, ebooks, and downloadable audio.  Once you are logged in, you can get to almost any of our online databases without another password, even from home.
    • ID: Your student ID
    • PW: The last 4 digits of your student ID
    • For employees, use the same formula with your Employee ID (you may need to add a zero or two at the start to get a six-digit number)
  • EasyBib – AMS students have EasyBib pro accounts that have been paid for by the school.  You can access yours by:
    • Existing accounts – log in and enter this year’s coupon code under Settings –> Manage Coupon Codes
    • New accounts – register using your aacps email (student ID and “dragons” as the password.  Enter the coupon code at the bottom when prompted.
    • Note: if you forgot your login from last year, and would like to access past projects, Ms. Buck can retrieve your old login information!
    • You are going to have to get this year’s coupon code from Ms. Buck!  Don’t have it?  Message her through Edmodo (information below) or shoot her an email.
  • Edmodo – The library has an Edmodo group for each grade level, which Ms. Buck checks daily in order to respond to student research questions.  To enroll in your grade’s group, just follow one of the links below:
  • Office365 – Students can store information in the cloud and submit assignments to teachers using Office365.  The login is the same as their computer login, but uses the full email address (student ID
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