Black-Eyed Susan Award

Black-eyed SusanEach year, the Maryland Association of School Librarians chooses 10 new, awesome books to nominate for the Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Book Award.  During the school year, students across the state of Maryland read the nominees.  In April, they vote for the winner of the award.  It’s a pretty cool thing because the winner is chosen by students!

There are 5 levels, but at Annapolis Middle we vote for 3 of them.

Students who want to vote for the award winner must:

  • Read 3 books from the SAME level
  • Let a member of the library staff know each time they finish a book.  That way we know when you’ve read 3, and we will invite you to the voting party.
  • Come to the voting party (by invitation only!), eat food, play games, be silly, and vote for your favorite book!
  • Here’s the full list of 2016-17 BES Nominees
  • See something you like?  Don’t forget that you can place a hold request online!


Frequently asked questions:

How do I find out which books are nominated for a particular level?

You can click the links above to see all the titles at each level, or download the list of nominees.

What do I do when I finish a book?

Tell a member of the library staff.  We keep track of what you’ve read so we know that you should be invited to the voting party!

Do I have to get the books at Annapolis Middle School’s library?

Nope!  You can get them anywhere.  The public library has them, the bookstore has them, and probably your friends have some.  But don’t steal them.  That would be mean, and you could get in trouble.

Can I vote for more than one level?

Sure.  But you have to read 3 books from each level for which you want to vote!

Can I vote for the high school books?

Sure.  But Ms. Buck needs a note from your parent or guardian giving you permission.

Can I vote for picture books?

Only with teacher permission!

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